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Shaykh Mohamad Al-Ali (Al-Halabi)

Born in Syria, the Shaykh moved to Iran to pursue his Islamic education in the seminary of the holy city of Qom in the year 1987. It was there that he would complete the introductory level of Al-Muqadimat, the intermediate level of Sutuh where he completed the first level by completing his study of Al-Lum'a and the second level of Al-Makaseb and the final level of Al-Kefayah. In 1995, the honorable Shaykh would pursue his advanced seminary studies of Bahth Al-Kharej until the year 1999.

His Teachers included (but not limited to):

Intermediate Level (Sutuh):

  • Sh. Hassan Al-Jawaherie

  • Sayed Husayn Al-Shahroodie

  • Sh. Hadi Al-Radie

  • Sayed Kamal Al-Haydarie

  • Sh. Mohammad Al-Asfahanie


Advanced Level (Bahth Al-Kharej):

  • Grand Ayatullah Sh. Mirza Jawad Al-Tabrizie

  • Grand Ayatullah Sh. Mohammad Fadhel Al-Lankaranie

  • Ayatullah Sh. Husayn Al-Mu'ayyad



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